Ladies of the A!

Tachia (Tasha) Peck has been organizing Ladies of the A for over 12 years. Originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, she took over the group when the previous organizer stepped down. At the time, there may have been about 150 members. Since then, the group has grown to over 6000 wonderful women. Tachia has one adult son, that was a mere baby when she started in the group. There are other members in the group that have also been active, long-term members and we’ve all had many changes throughout our time in Ladies of the A, from marriage, divorce, children, becoming empty nesters, starting businesses and so much more.

To see how the ladies have changed over the years is the best part of the group. We invite new members to join us and encourage them to participate in all our events. We’ve eaten together, learned together, played together and seen the world together.  Our goal is to have even more meals and experiences together. No matter if you are single or married, our group is for all women in Atlanta.

This group would be nothing without the members, our members make the group successful and they are all appreciated. We look forward to a future of growth, both professional and personal. We are looking to do more volunteering and business-specific events, as well as, expand on personal development and self-care.

We are always looking for those interested in assisting with hosting or organizing events.  So if you have an interest or a skill that can help, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

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Our membership is free and we offer flexibility with no minimum membership requirements. We just hope that you become active and enjoy all the benefits of the group.

Ladies of the A